Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sam's Sleepover

The materials.

Sam's piece

Our work space

 A snack is always necessary when one is hard at work.

Friday, 11 October 2013


Every year, our school organises something called "DOD" which is supposed to stand for 'domains of development' but most of us look at it as a week of torturous adventure activities such as trekking and rappelling in the Indian jungles. However, this year our school decided to take us on a cultural trip to Rajasthan and we wanted to share some bits of our amazing experience with you.  

We went to a village school in Jaipur and all the children wanted a photograph taken of them and they got so excited when they saw themselves on the camera screen.

Blue pottery and Meghana's outfit of the day. 

A friend of ours took this photo of the two of us.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

So it was my birthday last Friday (the 8th) and I thought it would be nice if I shared some of the presents that I received.

 1. The Pink box-My sister put it together, and it is it was full of memories and souvenirs she has been collecting over the years. Most of its contents are pink, hence the name. Also she gave me this bad ass red lipstick that is so Wanda Woodward (it is like candy. I would eat it if I didn't want to use it so bad).

2. My mum gave me this lovely little mask (I did intend to wear this at my sweet sixteen dinner but a combination of sweat and the strange looks I kept getting from other people made me take it off. It probably wouldn't have been the easiest thing to eat in either.)

3. Socks are my favourite, favourite clothes! (just like Dobby)

4. Books are something I never get bored of receiving. This time I got a pretty notebook (because I love writing), and a biography of Adele. Meghana gave me a Wreck This Journal, which I have been obsessing over and has kept me busy all weekend.

5.  My mum also gave me this lovely card. I got really excited when I saw it because of the amount of pink, flowers and gemstones it had.

6. I was so happy with this gift. My mum gave me a Lanvin purse (I think that says enough). Meghana got me the newest and best additions to my badge collection: Craig Roberts (We just loved Submarine), Audrey Hepburn and Freida Kahlo.

7. Confession: I love Justin. So this was probably the best present I got. The picture says it all.

Meghana made me this beautiful card. The message was so funny.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

the Awkward Introduction

We never did a formal introduction to this blog, so here goes: We named this blog 'Asylum' because an asylum is a place of safety and refuge, which is what we intended this blog to be (and the word just sounded nice). We're still new to blogging (and its a lot harder than we thought it would be). We hope to write about many things; feminism, fashion, food, art, books, movies, music, as well as anything else that may interest or upset us. We hope we'll be able to include a fair mix of things, both serious and light-hearted, but it may take us a while to figure the whole thing out. In the meanwhylum (geddit? asylum- meanwhylum, that almost rhymes) readers are welcome to help themselves to our poor jokes.
Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments! (Unless this feedback includes not having quite so many bad jokes; in which case don't bother, your cause is a lost one) (but the exclamation mark denotes our enthusiasm)
We hope this blog will be a lasting record of ourselves at that age, a vignette of early 21st century life, a series of writings that shall withstand the sands of time... No really. We hope it lasts. Reading back, this is a really awkward way to introduce something new. The entire thing reeks of social ineptness, and it is far too long (but please read it anyway). This introduction will probably haunt us in our futures.
But anyhow. Welcome to our asylum, and we hope it is one for you too, and guards you against the sanity of the real world (We mean, we hope you enjoy it!) (We seem to have a lot of hopes).
Bye for now.